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LGBT seniors: Twice as vulnerable

Studies on the living conditions of LGBT seniors have shown that in addition to suffering the effects of aging in the same way as all seniors, they also have to face other problems and specific situations, such as:

  • less support from the family network than that of heterosexuals;

  • the apprehension of being a victim of homophobia and transphobia from their peers, and of having to hide their sexual orientation, and their gender identity or expression;

  • a higher than average tendency to live alone, suffer from depression and develop addictions;

  • a propensity to think about suicide;


of seniors are in a situation



seriously thought about suicide


have not disclosed their sexual orientation or gender identity to their doctor

This situation is the result of difficulties encountered throughout their life. Criminalization, medical pathologization and the religious condemnation of homosexuality and transidentity are at the root of the stereotypes, prejudices and stigmatizations that persist today. This lack of recognition of their individuality, in particular in the environments close to the elderly, has harmful consequences for their physical and psychological health.

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